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The desktop version of Diamond Scheduler is no longer available. Please check out the new web version here

If you are a current user of the desktop program and have  a question, please email me at


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Diamond Scheduler sports scheduling software is a top-rated cross-platform (Mac and Windows) desktop application that allows you to create season schedules for all sports — baseball, soccer, football, curling, basketball — you name it.


Integrates with many of the most popular league hosting sites. Plus it exports to HTML, Excel, Word, CSV, iCal, JSON and other formats. 

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Diamond Scheduler allows you to schedule around difficult constraints such as coaches and players with multiple teams, travel distances, specific match-ups on specific dates at specific venues, and more.

Create league, practice, tournament, and inter-league schedules for multiple divisions/conferences in one file.

Integrate your schedules with one of the many league-hosting sites supported by Diamond Scheduler.

Prevent double-booking and evenly distribute preferred venues, early/late games, and days of the week.

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