As software developers, we’re always surprised when someone takes the time to send a nice note along. Here are some of the kind comments we’ve received over the years.

I do want say, your customer service is absolutely outstanding, probably the best I’ve ever experienced for any product or service. You can tell you take great pride in your product and making sure it works for your customers. Kuddos to you. I’ll be a customer as long as I’m doing this!


John and his team have been extremely responsive to any concerns or issues I have had. The program itself is expansive and intuitive; it has been a real time saver for me in my duties scheduling practices for a 28-team minor lacrosse association. The connectivity to our regional lacrosse league’s software and schedule has been a real “game changer”. I highly recommend Diamond Scheduler to anyone who has scheduling needs, in any sporting setting.

Alberta Canada

I can’t thank you enough for continuing to improve the functionality and capability of your Diamond Scheduler software!  It is truly the most capable scheduling software package I have ever seen.  I just completed scheduling 790 games for 70 teams, in 8 divisions, that use 29 different venues.  To further complicate things approximately 35% of our teams have some form of no play time that we need to schedule around.  I continue to be amazed at how efficiently this application handles it all!

Today we finished our schedules for the season, which starts on December 2nd. This is the first time we have ever completed the schedules before Thanksgiving!

Thanks again.


I used Excel spreadsheets, and 3 different scheduling software programs in the past 5 years for our organization. I just scheduled 75+ teams in 10 divisions at 6 different locations with 12 various special requests from different coaches requesting blackout dates, etc. for our practice season. That’s over 750 practices in a 6 week period of time for our entire organization. How many hours did this take? Literally minutes once all my time slots were set up, which by the way, copy and pasting of time slots only takes minutes as well.

I can view reports by team, division, venue, etc. This allows me to send the needed information to those that need it, they don’t have to sift through schedules that don’t pertain to them as in the past. How did I do all of this? No, I’m not a genius…I’m a PE teacher running our local youth summer baseball program. Diamond Scheduler is the ANSWER!!! The more I use it the easier and better it gets, if you’re using a different scheduling software you’re wasting time. Become a genius like me and get Diamond Scheduler.


Illinois District 13 is the largest District in Illinois. For Softball we schedule almost 700 games across 60 plus teams across 8 leagues. The detail that Diamond Scheduler allows for building the schedule and being able to accommodate league and team requests saves many hours of time versus having to schedule many games manually. The customer support when trying to troubleshoot has been terrific, John has been readily available and very helpful when we’ve asked for assistance. I would definitely recommend Diamond Scheduler.


Thanks for your FANTASTIC customer support by the way. Easily the best support I have ever received (and I work in the technology industry and deal with 3rd Party software all the time)!


I just finished my 2015 schedules. 33 teams, in 5 divisions, across 6 fields all in one schedule file.  0 issues.  Was amazing. Anyways, thanks again for the help and for building the application.  Makes my life 1000% times easier. 


When our league changed website platforms and our current scheduling software was incompatible. I researched different options and decided on Diamond Scheduler. Although there was a working version (6) available at the time I chose to work with the new Beta version (7) knowing that I might encounter glitches along the way, yet it I knew it would provide me a unique view into the level of support Diamond Scheduler would provide if we chose to adopt this software long term. I was amazed at the support I received throughout the season, and more often than not it was user error on my part. John was great about being patient as well as troubleshooting any issues I had late into the night and while on personal vacation. The software is extremely easy to use, very intuitive, and flexible among various platforms. I have provided enhancement requests and the feedback was well received and implemented much more quickly than I had anticipated. Again the customer service is top notch and lightning quick. If you are looking for a scheduling software that is easy, intuitive, and can handle everything you can probably imagine..look no further it is Diamond Scheduler.


Wanted to let you know that I was able to get my schedules completed and on our SportNGIN site. Thank you for all your help!!! Awesome customer service.


We’ve finished our first season with your software and many folks have commented that this has been the best set of schedules we’ve had in over 25 years of the league.


I’m not exaggerating when I say that this program will changed my life from March to July – we’ve been using [product name deleted] for years and it is ridiculously difficult.  Your program is so intuitive and the fact that we can actually schedule all levels across our entire league, view available field space, create exceptions, etc. will save us hours and hours of creating impossible spreadsheets with field usage that no one but it’s creators can decipher, and hours and hours of having to re-input all team data to run and then only having a 50/50 chance that the program will adjust game distribution correctly. Your tutorials made me an expert in a couple of hours.   I could go on and on (I guess I already have).  Thank you so much!!


Thank you, thank you and thank you! I wouldn’t have a league without you and Diamond Scheduler. I have been using your software for 7 years and have always had complete success. This season my basketball league has 240 teams competing in 25 flights of Travel Basketball, playing in 60 facilities for a combined total of 1680 regular season games. With my new computer and the latest version Diamond Schedule I was once again able to schedule everything. My wife calls it [scheduling] a brain tease, I call impossible without your tools. Thank you again.

New Jersey

John, This winter I downloaded 4 – 5 different scheduling programs including yours and the one I had last year. After playing with each of them I quickly settled on yours (Diamond Scheduler). I chose yours based on the graphical user interfaces and flexibility it offered. Now that I’ve had a while to play with it I’ve found all the outstanding features it has. I love the way you edit games, add teams not in the league, choose the number of times played in a week, the easy way to establish field times (this used to take me 20 – 30 min to do alone).

This list could go on for a while. Every time I think “I wish it had this option” I find it!


John. I just wanted to let you know I received The Diamond Scheduler yesterday around noon and before 5:00 I had developed three very complicated schedules for 3 different divisions in my district, (6 teams, 9 teams and 11 teams), each division had teams that did not have there own fields to play on and most teams had different days that there fields were open. After going through the steps and entering the information I had a schedule. What a snap! It was the best money spent by the District and it will keep on paying dividends for a long time to come, thank you for a great product.

As a 2nd year user of your product, I’ve gone from scheduling 5 leagues with 500 players to scheduling 12 leagues with 1200 players. So for me, “support”, “support”, “support” (the 3 most important words in computer software) is critical!!! Whether it’s been answering my stupid questions or considering a request for a new feature, you get an A+++ for your timely support.

‘Thank You’ just doesn’t seem good enough to tell you how much I really appreciate your scheduler. I downloaded the trial version first and couldn’t believe it did everything and more for more than half the cost of all the other schedulers. You have to know that all I know about the computer is self taught. I was worried it would be too complicated so I practiced on the trial version first for about a half hour and knew this was the program I had been looking for at a price we could afford. It took me about an hour to complete my season schedule and another 15 minutes to finish the tournament schedule. So again I try to express my thanks for a job well done.

You’ve done a great job creating a program that is both easy to use and effective for the job for which it was created. Count me as one of your biggest fans!!

The program that was recommended to me by my predecessor was the [name deleted] by [company deleted] … After receiving and trying out the program I was disappointed that there was no calendar creating function. Then, I found your Diamond Scheduler on the Internet. After kicking myself, I decided to purchase your program out of my own pocket. I just wish that you had advertised in some of the publications that I receive …. Diamond Scheduler is, without a doubt, head and shoulders above the rest. I will surely recommend your program from now on.

I don’t know how you do it … I just finished scheduling our 40 teams last night… (5 divisions on 4 fields with a total of 414 games) I don’t know how I would have done it without your help.

If I had never seen your web-link I could have delegated this scheduling stuff to some other poor soul and had a good night’s sleep. But noooo! You have to go and write this super program and ruin my life.

I appreciate the effort you went through, true customer support, don’t see it very often…

What a wonderful program! I knew that, in this day and age, someone who knew how difficult scheduling games can be would have designed a program to help leagues accomplish this task with ease. Thank you!!

Your program has thoroughly amazed the league we will be inter-leaguing with this year.

I’ve been a user of Diamond Scheduler for the past two seasons, and I thought I’d drop you a quick note to tell you how indispensable this program is! I maintain a website for a large youth softball league, serving about 600 girls. Diamond Scheduler makes it easy to post our league’s results and standings. The last games generally end around 9:15 each night, and by 9:45, the night’s results are live. It amazes the families in our league, and Diamond Scheduler gets much of the credit. Thanks for making my job easy and making me look good! 😉

WE LOVE THIS PROGRAM!! The new updates are great. We’re customers for life!

Thank you for all your help. Words can’t really express my gratitude.

I don’t know how you came up with all the functions of this software, but it is perfect for my work. Our League has 7 age groups, over 70 teams, 14 different fields, and special events through the year. Your system makes it incredibly easy to schedule.

I successfully scheduled over 600 games on 6 fields! I’d say that’s a testimony to “ease of use” since I only really got into the program Friday night.