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If you already have your information in lists or spreadsheets, learn how to import that information into Diamond Scheduler. If you’re starting from scratch, skip to the next movie, An Introduction to Diamond Scheduler

9:45 mins

Learn the basics of schedule creation with Diamond Scheduler.

8:45 mins

Most leagues have more than one division so here’s an introduction to scheduling multiple divisions for your league.

4:15 mins

Learn how to fairly share timeslots across multiple divisions that use the same venues by adjusting a couple of settings.

3:15 mins

Creating practice schedules is simple, if you know the secrets.

3:15 mins

Across-division scheduling allows you to create games between two or more divisions or leagues.

2:30 mins

Understanding timeslot creation is one of the most important concepts for successful scheduling. Don’t skip over this movie.

7:10 mins

The division tab is pretty simple, but you might as well find out your options.

2:00 mins

The team tab allows you to control when and where teams can play. With several options to choose from, you should have a lot of control over special situations in your league.

6:20 mins

This movie repeats Understanding Timeslots in the first section of movies. If you have watched that movie, you can skip this one. The venue tab is just another form, like the division and team tabs. However, it’s crucial that you understand timeslots assignment at venues to use Diamond Scheduler most productively.

7:10 mins

The people tab is primarily used to avoid scheduling conflicts in Diamond Scheduler.

3:00 mins

The schedule tab can seem daunting at first. This screencast explains all the options you have.

8:30 mins

The Timeslot Calendar allows you to identify when teams can play at your venues. It is full of options, so taking the time to watch this presentation will pay off.

7:45 mins

The MasterCalendar allows you to edit existing schedules. It provides you with an overview of the entire schedule or a filtered view of certain divisions, teams or venues. Right clicking on the master calendar reveals a host of menus that provide advanced functionality.

8:15 mins

Do you have teams that shouldn’t be scheduled to travel more than x number of miles (kilometers) between games or from home on certain days? Check out this screencast.

1:30 mins

One of the more useful tips and tricks to Diamond Scheduler

4:30 mins

A pairing method that splits the league into smaller groups each play date and allows each group’s teams to play the other teams in the group, resulting in multiple games per day.

4:40 mins

Learn how LeagueApps and Diamond Scheduler make the scheduling work together to make scheduling easy.

8:30 mins

Learn how LeagueAthletics and Diamond Scheduler make the scheduling process easy.

6:30 mins

Learn how to export your schedules using LeagueAthletics CSV file format.

5:30 mins

Learn how SportsEngine and Diamond Scheduler work together using DirectLink.

8:30 mins

Learn how SportsEngine and Diamond Scheduler work together using CSV files..

7:30 mins

Learn how the two programs work together to make your scheduling life easier.

3:50 mins