Assigning Officials to Games

In Diamond Scheduler, you can manually assign officials to games – there is no automatic scheduling available. To do so, you must first identify a person as an official when entering them in the People tab. Creating Officials Next, you’ll … Continued

Change a Team’s Division

Sometimes, right before scheduling, you decide that a team should be in a different division than where they were placed. If you have not run a schedule for that division, it’s not an issue. You will see this icon on … Continued

Schedule Reports

Under the Report menu, you will find menu items for exporting division, team, venue or customized schedule reports. You can export to either HTML or CSV. When exporting standard reports for divisions, teams or venues, you will be presented with … Continued

Tutorial: Travel Constraints

Do you have teams that shouldn’t be scheduled to travel more than x number of miles (kilometers) between games or from home on certain days? Check out this screencast.   Tutorial: Travel Constraints     Tags: travel constraints, constraints, distance, … Continued

Tutorial: The Schedule Tab

The schedule tab can seem daunting at first. This screencast explains all the options you have.   The Schedule Tab     Tags: scheduling, creating a schedule, creating schedules, schedule tab, tutorial, tutorials

Tutorial: The People Tab

The people tab is primarily used to avoid scheduling conflicts in Diamond Scheduler. To learn more, view this brief tutorial.   The People Tab   Tags: tutorial, tutorials, people, persons, players, coaches, coach, player, conflicts, avoiding conflicts, entering coaches  

Tutorial: The Team Tab

The team tab allows you to control when and where teams can play. With several options to choose from, you should have a lot of control over special situations in your league.   The Team Tab   Tags: teams, team … Continued

Tutorial: The Division Tab

The division tab is pretty simple, but you might as well find out your options.   The Division Tab     Tags: division, divisions, division tab, division form, tutorial, tutorials, creating divisions, new division, add division

Across Division & Across League Divisions

If you want to have teams from different divisions, you’ll need to create an across-league division. An across-league division is not a “real” division. It is a pointer to the teams of two or more other divisions. To create an … Continued

Out of League Divisions and Teams

Many leagues have occasional games with teams that are not members of their league. If you want to schedule matches with those teams, create an out-of-league division and place teams in that division. When you create a new division, you … Continued