The following are known issues with the current version of Diamond Scheduler, along with their workarounds.

  • If you are running Catalina or Big Sur on your Mac, download Diamond Scheduler 8.
  • If you have installed Diamond Scheduler 7 and are running Catalina on your Mac and are receiving messages about the Adobe AIR framework being damaged, see this FAQ: AIR and Catalina OS. Download Diamond Scheduler 8 to avoid this problem.
  • There is a problem on Mac computers when exporting reports (such as team reports or hosting sites CSV files) such that if you export once and then want to export again using the same file name, it will display a #2038 error, meaning it can’t overwrite the existing file. Either delete the existing file or save the new export to a different file name.
  • When creating a pool play bracket, if you navigate to the Timeslot Calendar immediately following choosing of the teams to advance to the elimination brackets, the calendar display may appear to be malformed. Close the calendar and re-open it and all should work fine.