Code Signing Certificate Upgrade Coming

December 20, 2016

During the third week of January, 2017, Cactusware will be updating the code signing certificate for Diamond Scheduler 7.

Code signing assures you that a download from the web is from a trusted source.

What will Happen?

After the certificate is updated, you will receive the following message when Diamond Scheduler 7 attempts to upgrade to a new version.


The solution for this is easy.

  1. Uninstall your current version of Diamond Scheduler.
    • For Windows, use the Control Panel > Uninstall a Program > Diamond Scheduler 7
    • For Mac, delete Diamond Scheduler 7 from the Applications folder
  2. Download the Diamond Scheduler installation file: Download Link
  3. Re-install Diamond Scheduler by double-clicking the downloaded installation file.

Sorry for any inconvenience. The next certificate renewal will not occur until January, 2020.

Note: Try to avoid using Internet Explorer. It sometimes changes the extension from *.air to *.zip, making it difficult to install. If you must use Internet Explorer, please make sure the downloaded setup file is called this:

DiamondScheduler.air (not You can manually change the extension in File Explorer or Finder and it should work fine.