SportsEngine DirectLink Integration (tutorial movie)

Learn how SportsEngine and Diamond Scheduler work together using DirectLink.   SportsEngine DirectLink Integration     Tags: SportsEngine, sports engine, SE, sportengine, sport engine, sportngin, export, tutorial, tutorials

Tutorial: Across Division Scheduling

Across-division scheduling allows you to create games between two or more divisions or leagues.   Tutorial: Across Division Scheduling   Tags: Across division, across league, out of league, two divisions different divisions

LeagueAthletics CSV Integration

Learn how to export your schedules using LeagueAthletics CSV file format.   LeagueAthletics CSV Integration     Tags: league athletics, leagueathletics, csv, export schedule, tutorial, tutorials

LeagueAthletics DirectLink Integration

Learn how LeagueAthletics and Diamond Scheduler make the scheduling process easy.   LeagueAthletics DirectLink Integration     Tags: integration, tutorial, tutorials, leagueathletics, league athletics, directlink, direct link

LeagueApps Integration

Learn how LeagueApps and Diamond Scheduler make the scheduling work together to make scheduling easy.   LeagueApps Integration   Tags: integration, leagueapps, league apps, tutorial, tutorials

Tutorial: Locked Game Scheduling Technique

One of the more useful tips and tricks to Diamond Scheduler. View this 4:30 mins. tutorial to learn the approach.   Locked Game Scheduling     Tags: manual editing, lock game, lock games, hard wire, hard-wire, specify, manually enter, tutorial, … Continued

Tutorial: Travel Constraints

Do you have teams that shouldn’t be scheduled to travel more than x number of miles (kilometers) between games or from home on certain days? Check out this screencast.   Tutorial: Travel Constraints     Tags: travel constraints, constraints, distance, … Continued

Tutorial: The Schedule Tab

The schedule tab can seem daunting at first. This screencast explains all the options you have.   The Schedule Tab     Tags: scheduling, creating a schedule, creating schedules, schedule tab, tutorial, tutorials

Tutorial: The People Tab

The people tab is primarily used to avoid scheduling conflicts in Diamond Scheduler. To learn more, view this brief tutorial.   The People Tab   Tags: tutorial, tutorials, people, persons, players, coaches, coach, player, conflicts, avoiding conflicts, entering coaches  

Tutorial: The Team Tab

The team tab allows you to control when and where teams can play. With several options to choose from, you should have a lot of control over special situations in your league.   The Team Tab   Tags: teams, team … Continued