Schedule Reports

Under the Report menu, you will find menu items for exporting division, team, venue or customized schedule reports. You can export to either HTML or CSV. When exporting standard reports for divisions, teams or venues, you will be presented with … Continued

Creating Timeslots

The recommended method for creating times for your league is to create a template week then copy that until the end of the season. However, before you do that, you need to understand the basics. Timeslots are created in the … Continued

Moving Schedule

If you want to leave all timeslots, you can select either specific timeslots or the entire schedule and move them to a different date. Moving the Entire Schedule Let’s say your timeslots are the same as last year’s timeslots and … Continued

Using a Previous Year’s File

You could open last year’s schedule and then do a File > SaveAs to a new name. You can then navigate to the Tools and choose this item: You would then go to the master calendar and right click on … Continued

Tutorial: Locked Game Scheduling Technique

One of the more useful tips and tricks to Diamond Scheduler. View this 4:30 mins. tutorial to learn the approach.   Locked Game Scheduling     Tags: manual editing, lock game, lock games, hard wire, hard-wire, specify, manually enter, tutorial, … Continued

Tutorial: Scheduling Multiple Divisions

That basics of scheduling multiple division can be found in two tutorial movies.   Multiple Divisions using Separate Timeslots   Multiple Divisions using Shared Timeslots     Tags: multiple divisions, shared times, share venues, more than one division, tutorial, tutorials

Across Division & Across League Divisions

If you want to have teams from different divisions, you’ll need to create an across-league division. An across-league division is not a “real” division. It is a pointer to the teams of two or more other divisions. To create an … Continued

Entering Scores

Entering scores is relatively simply in Diamond Scheduler. It’s best done in the game list. If you do not have the score columns included in your game list columns. You can then enter the scores by double clicking one of … Continued

Switching Timeslots

To switch game timeslots, highlight the two timeslots that should switch (if you are crossing a month then click on the first one, go to the timeslot in the  next month, hold down the control key (command key for Mac) … Continued