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The recommended method for creating times for your league is to create a template week then copy that until the end of the season. However, before you do that, you need to understand the basics.

Timeslots are created in the Timeslot Calendar. If you navigate there and double click on any week in the calendar, the calendar will switch to week view where you can most easily create timeslots.

 Switching to Week View

Once in week view, whenever you double click on a time, the program creates a timeslot. If you want these timeslots available for use by only specific divisions, indicate that by checking the appropriate divisions at the upper right of the screen.

 Creating a timeslot.

If you want more than one division to have access to the timeslots, click the appropriate divisions.

 Assigning timeslots to multiple divisions

Or you can leave them unassigned to any division

 Unassigned timeslots

If you need to change existing timeslots, select the division/s you want to change the assignment to, select the timeslots you wish to change (I’m holding down the Control key to lasso timeslots), then click on Apply Above Properties.

 Changing division assignments

If this week’s template recurs throughout the season, the next step is to copy the week until the end of the season.

 Copying timeslots

If you have more than one venue that happen to have the same pattern, copying the venue timeslots to another is easy.

 Copying timeslots from one venue to another

As you can see, you have a lot of control over which divisions can use timeslots at any specific venue but a “gotcha” for the first time user is that you must tell the program when you schedule a division which timeslots you want to use. Only those that you check will be used when scheduling.

 Specifying the type of timeslots to use in a schedule


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