Changing Division Associations of Timeslots

The quick directions to changing the divisions that are associated with timeslots are easy. Select the timeslots you want to change Modify the division associations However, the most efficient way to select the timeslots and change the associations depends upon … Continued

Move Season’s Start Date

If you have scheduled your season and need to delay the start date, it’s a pretty easy task in Diamond Scheduler. In either the Master Calendar or the Game List, right click and choose: Move Games > Move Entire Schedule … Continued

Schedule Will Not Finish

There are lots of reasons that a schedule may not complete when it seems like you have enough timeslots. Rather than listing all those reasons, it’s probably easier for you to send us your schedule file and ask why it … Continued

Tutorial: Locked Game Scheduling Technique

One of the more useful tips and tricks to Diamond Scheduler. View this 4:30 mins. tutorial to learn the approach. ¬† Locked Game Scheduling     Tags: manual editing, lock game, lock games, hard wire, hard-wire, specify, manually enter, tutorial, … Continued

Manual Editing of Games

There are several ways to manually edit games in the program. They all occur in the master calendar, though some features can be used in the game list. Selecting Timeslots The one thing that’s good to know is how to … Continued

Switching Timeslots

To switch game timeslots, highlight the two timeslots that should switch (if you are crossing a month then click on the first one, go to the timeslot in the ¬†next month, hold down the control key (command key for Mac) … Continued