Tutorial: Locked Game Scheduling Technique

One of the more useful tips and tricks to Diamond Scheduler. View this 4:30 mins. tutorial to learn the approach.   Locked Game Scheduling     Tags: manual editing, lock game, lock games, hard wire, hard-wire, specify, manually enter, tutorial, … Continued

Tutorial: Scheduling Practices

To view a brief introduction to scheduling practices, click the link below.   Scheduling Practices     Tags: practices, practice, tutorial, tutorials, add practice, practice schedule

Tutorial: Scheduling Multiple Divisions

That basics of scheduling multiple division can be found in two tutorial movies.   Multiple Divisions using Separate Timeslots   Multiple Divisions using Shared Timeslots     Tags: multiple divisions, shared times, share venues, more than one division, tutorial, tutorials

Tutorial: League Creation Assistant

If you have lists of divisions, teams, venues, timeslots and people, it may be easiest to get started with Diamond Scheduler by using the League Creation Assistant. View the following movie for more information.   League Creation Assistant Tutorial   … Continued

Damaged or Corrupt File Message

Diamond Scheduler 8 does not exhibit this problem. This issue occurs with Diamond Scheduler 7 only. The error we hear about occasionally is a dialog box that says, “Sorry, an error has occurred. The application could not be installed because … Continued

Tutorial: Introduction to Diamond Scheduler

For a 10-minute overview of the basic features, watch the introduction to Diamond Scheduler   View introductory tutorial     Tags:how to use,how to schedule,introduction,overview Tags:overview,introduction,how to use,creating schedules, tutorials, tutorial

Across Division & Across League Divisions

If you want to have teams from different divisions, you’ll need to create an across-league division. An across-league division is not a “real” division. It is a pointer to the teams of two or more other divisions. To create an … Continued

Entering Scores

Entering scores is relatively simply in Diamond Scheduler. It’s best done in the game list. If you do not have the score columns included in your game list columns. You can then enter the scores by double clicking one of … Continued

Sending Your Schedule File

It’s usually helpful for us to get a copy of your schedule file so we can diagnose the problem you’re having. First of all, make sure you’ve saved the file. It has to exist to send it. In a sense, … Continued

Retrieving a Backup File

Although we would like to think that computers (and software) never crash, it happens. So it’s good to know how to recover the most recent good file. Every time one opens or saves the schedule file, a backup of the … Continued