Reduce Time Between Games on Same Day

If your teams are playing multiple games per day and you want to minimize the time between games, try this menu item under the Tools menu   The ability to close gaps between games is totally dependent upon how many … Continued

Change a Team’s Division

Sometimes, right before scheduling, you decide that a team should be in a different division than where they were placed. If you have not run a schedule for that division, it’s not an issue. You will see this icon on … Continued

Schedule Reports

Under the Report menu, you will find menu items for exporting division, team, venue or customized schedule reports. You can export to either HTML or CSV. When exporting standard reports for divisions, teams or venues, you will be presented with … Continued

Copy Games from One Division to Another

In some leagues, there are two divisions or two levels of play that should mirror each other in scheduling. For example, let’s say you have a Jr Girls Softball division that plays a schedule and a Junior Boys baseball division … Continued

Creating Timeslots

The recommended method for creating times for your league is to create a template week then copy that until the end of the season. However, before you do that, you need to understand the basics. Timeslots are created in the … Continued

Updates Frequency

There are periods of time when I am updating or enhancing the program several times a day. This is not a common practice but the changes are usually in response to requests or fixed bugs. The updates are real. The … Continued

Moving Schedule

If you want to leave all timeslots, you can select either specific timeslots or the entire schedule and move them to a different date. Moving the Entire Schedule Let’s say your timeslots are the same as last year’s timeslots and … Continued

Using a Previous Year’s File

You could open last year’s schedule and then do a File > SaveAs to a new name. You can then navigate to the Tools and choose this item: You would then go to the master calendar and right click on … Continued

Known Issues

The following are known issues with the current version of Diamond Scheduler, along with their workarounds. There is a problem on Mac computers when exporting reports (such as team reports or hosting sites CSV files) such that if you export … Continued

Tutorial: Across Division Scheduling

Across-division scheduling allows you to create games between two or more divisions or leagues.   Tutorial: Across Division Scheduling   Tags: Across division, across league, out of league, two divisions different divisions