Problems with AIR and Catalina OS

If you use Diamond Scheduler 8, the following should not be a problem. If you have installed Catalina on your Mac computer and are receiving messages about the Adobe AIR framework being damaged consider this post from the Adobe Community … Continued

Schedule Will Not Finish

There are lots of reasons that a schedule may not complete when it seems like you have enough timeslots. Rather than listing all those reasons, it’s probably easier for you to send us your schedule file and ask why it … Continued

Updates Frequency

There are periods of time when I am updating or enhancing the program several times a day. This is not a common practice but the changes are usually in response to requests or fixed bugs. The updates are real. The … Continued

Known Issues

The following are known issues with the current version of Diamond Scheduler, along with their workarounds. There is a problem on Mac computers when exporting reports (such as team reports or hosting sites CSV files) such that if you export … Continued

Damaged or Corrupt File Message

Diamond Scheduler 8 does not exhibit this problem. This issue occurs with Diamond Scheduler 7 only. The error we hear about occasionally is a dialog box that says, “Sorry, an error has occurred. The application could not be installed because … Continued

Sending Your Schedule File

It’s usually helpful for us to get a copy of your schedule file so we can diagnose the problem you’re having. First of all, make sure you’ve saved the file. It has to exist to send it. In a sense, … Continued

Retrieving a Backup File

Although we would like to think that computers (and software) never crash, it happens. So it’s good to know how to recover the most recent good file. Every time one opens or saves the schedule file, a backup of the … Continued

Program says I have No Timeslots Available

One of the more frequent “gotchas” with the program appears when you’ve decided not to associate timeslots with specific divisions or if you associate timeslots with multiple divisions. When you schedule a level/division that needs to draw upon that pool … Continued

Program is Slow in Calendar

If you have a large number of timeslots, navigating to the master calendar or game list can be slow. Turning on the following setting can significantly increase the speed with which you can get to the calendar. This will take … Continued