Display Time and Date Constraints in Master Calendar and Game List

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When you are fine-tuning your schedule, it’s inevitable that you may want to do some manual editing. However, what you don’t want to do is to book a team that on a date or time that violates their time and date constraints. There are several things that can help you avoid the problem.

In the master calendar, turn on this setting in the Tooltips context menu (right click on master calendar).

If you already have games scheduled and there are violations, you will immediately see an indication of the problems with the appearance of a red bar (in month view)


or a small calendar icon in other views

In addition, if you hover over a game, you will see the constraint causing the problem.

You will also be able to hover the mouse over the team list on the left side and see similar information

If that’s not enough, you can turn on live conflict checking and if you make a mistake, a warning will appear on the timeslot.




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