Changing Division Associations of Timeslots

The quick directions to changing the divisions that are associated with timeslots are easy. Select the timeslots you want to change Modify the division associations However, the most efficient way to select the timeslots and change the associations depends upon … Continued

Pool Play

To create a pool play tournament with a playoff bracket, try these steps. Create Pools as if they were Divisions   As games are played, enter the scores in the game list. To reveal the score column in the game … Continued

Move Season’s Start Date

If you have scheduled your season and need to delay the start date, it’s a pretty easy task in Diamond Scheduler. In either the Master Calendar or the Game List, right click and choose: Move Games > Move Entire Schedule … Continued

Accessing Account Information

If you would like to access your account information, which includes your licenses, upgrade options, password changes and credit card information, log in to your account at the bottom of any page. Once logged in, click on Your Account at … Continued

Problems with AIR and Catalina OS

If you use Diamond Scheduler 8, the following should not be a problem. If you have installed Catalina on your Mac computer and are receiving messages about the Adobe AIR framework being damaged consider this post from the Adobe Community … Continued

Schedule Will Not Finish

There are lots of reasons that a schedule may not complete when it seems like you have enough timeslots. Rather than listing all those reasons, it’s probably easier for you to send us your schedule file and ask why it … Continued

Nested Round Robin Pairings

Nested round robin pairings are an approach to subdividing your teams into small groups and having those groups play each other for multiple games at a location. The pairing algorithm is imperfect for reasons explained in the following tutorial. Nested … Continued

How to Avoid Double-booking Coaches and Players

Let’s say you have a coach who manages two different teams in two different divisions. You certainly don’t want those two teams to be scheduled at the same time. The approach described below relates to coaches but the same procedure … Continued

Assigning Officials to Games

In Diamond Scheduler, you can manually assign officials to games – there is no automatic scheduling available. To do so, you must first identify a person as an official when entering them in the People tab. Creating Officials Next, you’ll … Continued