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In some leagues, there are two divisions or two levels of play that should mirror each other in scheduling. For example, let’s say you have a Jr Girls Softball division that plays a schedule and a Junior Boys baseball division that plays a schedule and you would like both divisions to travel to the same away location each play date.

Important: To do this teams that should be paired must have the same team abbreviation. So if you have a Centerville Heat team in the softball division and you have Centerville Boys Baseball in the second division, they should have the exact same abbreviation. Let’s say Cntr_1 (or whatever abbreviation you want to use in common).

You can copy the games from one schedule to another with a time offset. So let’s say the girls play first in the day and boys second. Here I’ve created the girls schedule and it is locked.


Now I want the Junior Boys to play one hour later but at the same locations. Here’s a screen capture of how to accomplish this.


You probably noticed that the boys’ division did not have one of the teams that the girls’ division has. That team is ignored and their games are not mirrored since there’s no companion team.

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