Upgrading from Diamond Scheduler 7 to 8

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For many years, Diamond Scheduler 7 would notify the user whenever there’s an update available with a dialog box like this:

Diamond Scheduler 8

In January of 2021, Adobe stopped supporting AIR so the auto-update feature is no longer available. We have created our own updater notification and embedded the AIR runtime files into the new version of the program, Diamond Scheduler 8. This means that you no longer have to download and install Adobe AIR before downloading the setup file.

In Diamond Scheduler 8, you will be notified when there is a new update available when a blue label appears when you first open the program.

Go to the Help menu and choose Check for Updates

This will download the latest version of the program. You must choose whether you want the Windows or Mac version.

How Will This Change Affect Your Schedule Files?

It won’t. It’s the same program as always, it’s just packaged differently so you’ll have to manually reach out for updates when notified.

Can I Delete Diamond Scheduler 7 Without Risking Data Loss?



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