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Note:SportsEngine has recently changed “mapping codes” to “Division/Team IDs.” The methods are still the same but the tab mentioned below now looks like this:

There is a knowledge base article that describes the entire process of using mapping codes. See

However, one assumption of the process described in that article is that all teams have unique names across all divisions. If that’s not the case, follow the directions listed below to import your mapping codes from SportsEngine.

On Your SportsEngine Site

If you did not download your league from SportsEngine and are now wanting to add the mapping codes you can still easily import them by following these directions. However, it is important that all spellings of divisions and teams match (between the SportsEngine site and Diamond Scheduler).

To generate and download mapping codes, go to the Admin panel of your SportsEngine site.


Navigate to Schedule Upload, Mapping codes. If the codes are not yet generated, it’s easiest to have the system use the default IDs. Click the link that says “Click to use default ID.”



Then click the Save button at the bottom of the screen (often overlooked) and export the CSV file.



In a New Blank Diamond Scheduler File

Next, create a new Diamond Scheduler file and log in to your SportsEngine account using DirectLink.


You can download your league’s information, which will include mapping codes.

Choose the following menu item to export the mapping code information to a CSV file.

In Your Completed Diamond Scheduler File

Next open the file that needs those mapping codes – the schedule you have been working on – and choose the following menu item.

You should be all set.


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